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BBQ Bands and Brews Winner [8 years Running]

10:20 AM, Aug 28, 2018

The Jonesez BBQ have won people’s choice award at the BBQ Bands and Brew Competition for the past eight consecutive years, and we’re curious about their recipe.

What’s the secret? North Carolina style? 14-hour marination? Slow Cooker? It’s Love!

Husband and wife duo, Andre and Vickie claim family is what sets them apart from the competition. They are completely family run and are dedicated to serving food with soul.

We decided to head down and check out the people’s choice BBQ, and our multimedia journalist, Melanie approved.

Weren’t at the BBQ Bands and Brew competition? Totally fine. You can get SWFL style BBQ from the Jonesez at neighboring Farmer’s Markets. Check out their schedule on their website, and tell us what you think!