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Another Reminder To Keep Your Car Doors Locked

5:05 PM, Nov 29, 2018

You see it all the time, whether it’s on the news, or even from a neighbor.

Another car was either stolen or broken into because the car was unlocked.

Lock your car doors people

It seems to be a constant battle. 13 cars in Estero were burglarized because they were unlocked.

In the most recent update from the Fort Myers Police Department, between October 8th and October 21st, seven cars were stolen or broken into. Six of those cars were unlocked.

With the holidays just around the corner, leaving valuables in the car seems to be a common occurrence. Local officials say just take that extra step.

“When you go inside for the night, make that simple step and lock your door, if they jiggle the door handle and it’s locked, they’re going to go to the next car,” said Trish Routte, Crime Stopper Coordinator.