About Hello SWFL

Wondering what Hello SWFL is all about?

>> Our company launched in November 2016 with just two people and now we have more than two dozen on staff

>> We are owned by the E.W. Scripps Company (the same owner of WFTX but we’re a separate and independent company)

>> Our mission statement is “A new approach to local news focused on connection, balance and depth”

>> You can find our stories on this website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Our goal as a company is to tell stories that matter to SWFL. We’re not the first people to say that but the reason we’re different is we care about all aspects of our community, and that means telling stories about the good parts as well as the bad parts.

We’re curious about everything and everyone in SWFL because we love it here. And we don’t just want to hear from you – we NEED to hear from you. It’s the only way we’re going to learn and grow. That’s why for us, communication is a two-way street. You’ll find us replying to posts and messages on our Facebook and YouTube pages, initiating and participating in discussions in our Facebook Group , chatting with people on our Instagram and responding to emails.

Finally, you may hear us, on occasion, use the term “swiffle.” We get a lot of questions about that. As it happens, when we first started bringing staff on board, one of them (we can’t remember who) looked at our company name – Hello SWFL – and instead of saying “S-W-F-L” pronounced it phonetically as “swiffle.” Like it or not, the name stuck and now we use it as a substitute for saying “S-W-F-L” or “SouthWest Florida” because it’s much faster.

Any other questions or concerns? Send us an email