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A Town of Spirits: Hunting Ghosts In Fort Myers

10:20 AM, Aug 28, 2018

Spooky figures haunt the night, full of fear and crass delight. Love is gone and out of sight, in lie and wait sits horrid fright. I tell you now, so all beware, there be spirits in the air. Fort Myers stands, a city of old, but creatures lurk beneath the fold. Tales of woe are close  below, so grab on tight, ‘cause here we go.

Lauri Grace, a woman of mystery, talks of a tale embedded in history. “I still get scared” she murmurs low, eyes slow pacing to and fro. It’s obvious that in her brain, this job she holds is bathed in pain. A screech, a sound, a structured scare, is brewing in the musty air. The tour starts simple, a build from brick, but swiftly takes a gruesome dip. Whip-warped trees that shake the knees, soon followed by quite dismal pleas.

Observing is just half the game, a wild hunt is now at play. An EMF in tight-clasped hand detects clear signs of ghostly land. The device a must for all ghost finders, essential to remove our earthly blinders. Lauri is trained, she says it’s so, to find out knowledge that haunted know. With EMF all lit in red, she knows a man is surely dead.

You skeptics crawl through cobwebbed halls, seeking truth but finding null. Perhaps it’s time to test your sight, and join the hunt for a ghostly delight.
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