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Punta Gorda Historical Building Gets New Home

11:29 AM, Sep 14, 2018


Gabriela Milian, Michael Adam Mora

An old café will be rolling down the street Thursday morning, but people shouldn't mistake it for an innovative food trunk.

With the help of the Bonita Springs Historical Society and private businesses, the historical building, Dixie Moon Café, has a new location in Bonita Springs.

The new location is located on a plot of land near the Liles Hotel and Riverside Park on Old 41 Road.

A New Home for Historical Building in Bonita Springs

The plans are to remodel the Dixie Moon for visitors to see the local artwork. It will also be a space where tourist or visitors go inside and relax while enjoying the parks and monuments in downtown Bonita Springs.

The historic building was built in the 1920s. It was home of Goodbread Grocery Store and filling station until the Dixie Moon Cafe took over and operated from the old storefront for more than a decade in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

"A piece of our history, that at one point was the last," said Bonita Springs Mayor Peter Simmons, "It’s documented was the last place on the west coast of Florida on old 41 that you could get gasoline on the west coast traveling down through the Everglades on your way east to Miami."

The plot of land where the historical building was before was sold to developers. The cost of moving the building was over $100,000.

Where did they get the money? Not taxpayers.

Mayor Simmons says that the historical society and private businesses donated money to make the move possible.

Most of the original shell is still intact from the early 1900s, but restoration crews need to work on the windows and interior.

Because of how fragile the building is it will take another week to lower the old café to its new home so workers can begin to preserve as much of it as possible.


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