Is MoviePass A Good Deal For Southwest Floridians?

Is MoviePass a good deal for you and me?

Right now, its website says that for a limited time, you can subscribe to watch movies at any theater, any time for $7.95 a month.

No skin of the theaters’ back. Business Insider says movie theaters aren’t making their money on movies anyway. They’re making it on food. During the fourth quarter, AMC said money made on concessions rose almost 9% over the prior year.

So are you REALLY saving money with this deal? shows some pretty hefty prices for movie food. Let’s say you see twelve movies this year for that $8 a month through MoviePass. Let’s also say you buy a small popcorn (about $6) and small soft drink (about $5) every time. That’s about $230 for the year.

Compare that to an adult paying a full price $14 ticket four times a year. That’s about $56 plus the same food (small popcorn, small soft-drink) for all four times. Meaning we’re adding on about $44 more. And that totals up to around $100.

$100 for four movies versus $230 on twelve movies.

Is it a deal? It can be. But it depends on what’s more important to you: the movies or the experience.


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