Bell Tower Revival 

If you’ve walked through Bell Tower Shops lately, you may have noticed that the open-air promenade is pretty empty.

Shopping malls across the United States have been struggling for years. Thanks to technology and the Internet, shoppers find it more convenient to order what they need directly online.

Bell Tower Shops is owned by Madison Marquette, which is part of the real estate division of the Geneva, Switzerland based global investment firm, Capital Guidance.

Bell Tower and its owners recently announced plans to revive the open-air shopping center by redesigning storefronts and renovating its architectural design. Construction on the 343,000-square-foot shopping center is expected to start in February 2018.

These days more shopping malls are revamping their properties to make them more inviting.

The global consulting firm A.T. Kearney recently suggested, in a report, shopping malls will be able to survive if they shift their focus to consumer engagement. “Our study suggests the industry can have a robust future provided it evolves and successfully harnesses three change drivers: the human element, technology, and commercial considerations,” A.T. Kearney’s experts stated in the report.

Bell Tower Shops’ predicted post-renovation layout

Bell Tower’s mission is to engage consumers for 18 hours a day starting with exercise class at 8 o’clock in the morning, and will close out the night with live entertainment.

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