Part of Vanderbilt Drive in Naples is Now Open


It finally happened. A portion of Vanderbilt Drive in Naples is now open after nearly two years.   

Construction on the bridge between 111th and Wiggins Pass Rd. was finished ahead of schedule relieving a degree of traffic issues caused by the long road closure.  

It’s not over yet though. There is one last piece of Vanderbilt Drive that remains closed between 103rd Avenue and 91st Avenue. This section is expected to open this November according to Collier County public utility reports.  

Construction on the remaining portion was pushed back due to damage from Hurricane Irma. 

Vanderbilt Drive is part of a larger project to overhaul utilities, replace bridges and water pipes that were outdated. The entire project affects the surrounding community where neighborhood roads are torn up for the construction.  

The whole project is expected to be complete by August of 2019 according to the county reports.  


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