Toxic Sludge Clean May Start November


The City of Fort Myers submitted a plan to start cleaning toxic sludge from Dunbar neighborhood.

“My name is Annie Freeman. I’ve been living here for about 45 years.”

And “here” is the Dunbar neighborhood of Fort Myers. The neighborhood where the city of FM had been dumping toxic sludge for decades. In fact… just a few blocks from Anne’s house.

“They was wrong when they put it there. They know they put it there. Nothing for them to do. Just go in there and clean it up. It wouldn’t have come to all of this if they had just went and clean it up”, Annie Freeman.

But now the City of Fort Myers has submitted a plan to start removing the toxic sludge. The Environmental Protection Agency in DC has to approve the plan. If the EPA says “go” the clean up will start in November.

“They kept it under the rug you know and once it slipped out it was too late you know. That’s why I really don’t trust the city. This are is a poor area. They never done nothing for this are. Its always been a dump. They still should of let the people know”, Annie Freeman.

The sludge story first broke a year ago and even though there were concerns, people still moved here. And people like Annie are anxious for the cleanup to start so Dunbar can get back to the community she fell for decades ago.

“But I love it here still and hope they get it straight and let the people straighten their home and get it fixed that way it would look presentable”, Annie Freeman.


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