There’s a New Console on the Market: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently released a game-changing system, the Nintendo Switch, which found itself in Fort Myers stores early March.

Dedicated gamers along with some of our staff, camped outside of stores in hopes of claiming one of the gaming systems. Nintendo, known for understocking stores, seemed to only stock one Fort Myers store with six consoles. Last year there were only four consoles in stores. By the time we got there, there were seven gamers already camped outside!

When we talked to local gamers, and some were worried about Nintendo losing third party support. If people don’t buy the system, then third parties will not invest in the Switch, making playing less exciting for gamers.

Nintendo is hoping to create the same success that it reached with the Wii. It sold over 100 million consoles. However its successor, the Wii U was not well received, garnering only 13 million unit sales. The plummet in sales created a loss of 49 million dollars. Therefore, it makes sense why they would understock stores, to prevent another massive loss.

Regardless, it seems that many people enjoy how the gaming system industry is evolving. Our in-house Nintendo fan, Chris is excited that the Nintendo Switch will offer the opportunity for more third party games, lets you place with anyone in the world and allows you to play on the go! Many believe that the new Nintendo Switch will bring new exciting things to the gaming world.

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