The Ban Has Been Lifted


Punta Gorda recently lifted the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. The city originally banned dispensaries August 2017 out fear of being the only city allowing them.

“We didn’t want to become a mecca,” said Punta Gorda Vice Mayor Gary Wein. “But once others in the area started allowing it, Fort Myers and Venice, I brought it up again.”

While the ban was in place, residents would have to travel about 45 minutes to neighboring counties in order to fill their prescriptions. Once dispensaries start popping up, some residents will start to feel relief.

Vice Mayor Wein says the process to set up shop is no different than requesting for any other business. Interested business owners should stop by the city’s code office and get the appropriate permits.

He says the response has been tremendous. But it should be noted, medical marijuana must be prescribed my a doctor, and it is only prescribed to attend to debilitating illnesses. These include cancer, HIV, glaucoma, etc.


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