Collier County Updates and Expands Their app for Android Users


Collier County Sheriff’s Office app CCSO2GO is now available for Android users

“I have a degree in criminal justice I’m you know a law enforcement officer so I had to sit down and read and go on to the internet and figure out how to create an app”, Corporal Efrain Hernandez

The Collier County sheriffs office app just got an update and is available for Android users.

“The app just gives just an enhanced version of everything that we produced such as videos and the news and so forth”, Corporal Efrain Hernandez

You do a lot of business on your smartphone. And that’s why the Collier County Sheriff’s office created an app that’s easier to navigate. The app is CCSO2GO. It gives you real-time traffic information, access to Collier County arrest log, a crime map and you can even submit a tip. “most people would either have in their browser they’ll have links that they saved, bookmarks and so forth but those people that don’t care to have the bookmarks they can just get straight to the app and it has already everything in there”, Corporal Efrain Hernandez


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