Bonita Springs High School is the Latest School Whose Design was Focused on Safety


Bonita Springs High School will be one of the safest schools in Lee County, Making it a model for other schools to improve their security.

School safety is a priority after the Parkland shooting- now Collier County is making changes to school security to keep students and staff safe. The county is requiring schools to have access control cameras, digitally locked doors, and a police officer.

New schools like Connection Point Early Learning Center in Fort Myers and the new Bonita Springs High School are going beyond what the county requires and making safety their key focus in designing schools.

The new Bonita Springs High School has been in the works for years – and its safety features were planned long before the Parkland shooting.

The high school is expected to be the safest school in Lee County.

It will have one entrance for cars – that’s on Imperial Boulevard. The second entrance is a bus only gate keeping any visitors in sight.

There is a single access point for all visitors. That’s in the front office where the school staff has to buzz in anyone who is not a teacher, a student or on staff.

There is also a hi-tech video monitoring system. It is a series of surveillance cameras designed to alert the School Resource Officer and school staff to situations on campus.

Once finished Bonita Springs High School will be a template for older schools when they want to update their security to keep students and staff safe.


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