Bad Luck Bananas


In honor of Friday the 13th, we decided to explore a lesser known superstition. You’ve heard of ladders, black cats, and broken mirrors, but what about bananas?  

Among the boating community, there is a widely known superstition that bananas bring a bad omen to boaters. The consequences of bringing a banana on to a boat can range from engine failure to a bad day of fishing, according to Captain James of Lagerhead Cycleboats in Ft. Myers.  

James says the superstition comes from the early shipment of bananas from South America. He says banana spiders would bite sailors in their sleep. Banana spiders are highly poisonous. So, the sailors blamed the bananas for their bad luck not realizing that their cargo of spiders was to blame.  

This superstition has stuck in the boating community with some swearing by the omen.  

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