New Budget Proposal for Food Stamps

The new budget proposal has been released by the Federal Government and one of the main things on everyones mind is SNAP. SNAP is one of the largest programs funded by the…

HelloSWFL’s Parents Discuss Parkland Shooting

How do you talk to your children about what happened in Parkland? It’s never easy to understand why anyone would walk into a shopping mall, a post office, or any public place…

Cribs for Puerto Rico

It’s been months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, which completely devastated the island. The people of Puerto Rico have been struggling ever since. A few weeks after the Hurricane, we visited…

Proposed Budget for SWFL Beaches

A proposed bill is being discussed within Florida legislation that would provide $50 Million in funding for Florida beaches. If passed, the bill would go into effect on July 1, 2018. This…

Senate Bill 1612 ‘Ellie’s Law’

  Picture this. You’re taking a tour of the Everglades. Speeding in an airboat. Life’s good. Well regulations concerning airboat tours may change near the end of this year.  When Ellie Goldenberg took an airboat tour last year, she…

Lice Clinics of America

  The dreaded “L” word — Lice, can mean full-on stress for parents! With more than 12 million cases of head lice reported in the U.S. each year (according to the, these tiny…

No Full Moon February 2018

  This February there will be no full moon! There were two full moons in January and will be two more in March, but every 19 years, the month of February exists…

How Hard Can it be to Break a Window?

  Breaking a child or animal out of a hot car may save its life. We took to the junkyard to test out which worked better, a hammer or a window breaker. The…

Safe Awake Fire Alarm

  Cape Coral Fire Department (CCFD) has gotten some new money, and is putting it towards the hearing impaired community. Awarded at the end of last year (August 18th, 2017), with $188,572 …

The Flying Fortress: B17 Bomber

  Driving back home from the office, an unbelievable sight flew through the sky with a thundering diesel-filled roar. It was a B17 bomber plane from World War 2 and I had…

Collings Foundation WWII Planes

Imagine driving on US 41, and seeing a bomber plane from WWII flying above you. That’s what happened to Chris, one of our content creators this week. Was it ghost from the…

What’s Going Up Here?

This is our ongoing series to see what’s cropping up along the roads of the rapidly developing Southwest Florida. Fort Myers Developers, 360 Sanibel LLC and Summerlin Ridge LLC, are building a…

SWFL Businesses, It’s Time to Update Your Minimum Wage Poster

  Florida businesses will have to pay a $1,000 fine if they ‘intentionally’ break the minimum wage requirements Attention business owners and employees of Southwest Florida, the state’s minimum wage increased to…

Let’s Help This Florida Born Man Find His Sister

(The search) has gotten so large and we’ve exhausted every avenue we know. It’s hard not to have the thoughts that maybe she’s dead or maybe she doesn’t want to be found,”…

It’s National ____ Day?

  Have you ever wondered who makes up the National Day Calendar? The answer: Anyone. Anyone can submit an application to the National Day Calendar through their website. There is a form to fill…

Now You Can Text The Fort Myers Police Department

  Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) has recently launched a new program with Tip 411. It allows you can give tips about crime to FMPD while staying anonymous. The program is used…

YEP, There is an App for That : Navionics Boating App

It’s hard to believe that we still have debris from Hurrican Irma. It’s been more than four months, and although the community has come together to work towards a clean Southwest Florida,…

Phone Scams in SWFL

  If you’re using a phone this day and age, you’ve probably gotten a scam call at least once. You know the ones. Someone calls your phone and you hear that you…

What Should You Do When the Market Dips?

    Your heart might have skipped a beat when the Dow dipped 1600 points Monday. And if you called your financial advisor, you probably got the same message: there’s no need…

Governor Rick Scott Proposes New Hurricane Strategy

Here in Southwest Florida, we will never forget the evacuation chaos that happened during last year’s hurricane season. More than 6 million people were asked to evacuate the state a week before…

Student Assignment has Begun in Lee County

This year Kindergarten Student Open Enrollment for the 2018/2019 school year runs from January 22 – March 23, 2018 in Lee County. Parents, as if you weren’t already nervous about your child…

Social Media Users Share Child Pornography

This past weekend a video went viral on Facebook. It was footage of an Alabama minor performing sexual acts on a older male. Yes, we’ve entered into the age where child pornography…

Cape Coral High School Graduate Wins Super Bowl

He’s on top of the world right now, but Philadelphia Eagles defensive back and Cape Coral High School graduate, Jaylen Watkins worked hard to get there. A Cape Coral High School graduate…

What is An Emotional Support Animal?

Cats, dogs, birds and a snake.

Dr. April Brown, has certified all of those critters to become emotional support animals, but the Fort Myers Counselor says she’s never certified a peacock.

Greyhound racing potentially coming to an end

We recently covered a story about Greyhound racing potentially coming to an end. People on both sides of the issue were commenting and generated a lot of good questions. One comment said:…

Fort Myers Fire Department Matters of First Aid

Next time you see a complete stranger in need of help and you pass by, think about this. If stopping meant you were able to help that person before the first responders…

Tattoo Spike During Tax Season

It’s tax season, meaning we all have some extra cash. Some use their spare money to pay off bills or save for vacation. Others head to the tattoo studio to get a…

Florida Sign Language Bill

  Can you believe this happens? People have posed as sign interpreters during important televised city briefings. It’s hard to believe, but there have been a few occasions that it has happened…

Toyota Airbag Recall Notice

  Toyota recently issued recalls for over 600,000 vehicles due to concerns about the airbag not inflating. The recall covers many makes and models including Toyota, Lexus, and Scion models. Florida and…

Dunbar South Street Unanswered Questions

HelloSWFL is looking for solid answers to property value surrounding Dunbar’s toxic sludge site. Dunbar residents have been a topic of conversation in our newsroom for several weeks now. Specifically families living…

Should Cape Coral Bars Stay Open Till 4am?

People have complained about bars staying open later for similar reasons in the conversation now. Cape Coral is considering extending bar hours to from 2am to 4am. Yes, 4am! They’ve tried this…

Dog Racing Could be Nearing an End in Florida

    Some commissioners have proposed a revision to the state constitution to ban betting dog races. This revision would end dog racing by Dec 31, 2019. We compiled a list of…

Slumber Safe

  Fort Myers Beach Fire Department is rolling out a new program called Slumber Safe. It piggybacks off of Ordinance 2016-001 which requires vacation and transient rental properties as well as non-owner…

Pacific Tomato Growers Housing Complex

The city of LaBelle near Cowboy Way was looking at having 466 new neighbors.They were going to be migrant workers working for Pacific Tomato Growers. They weren’t feeling it. Citizens took their…

SOLD! Where should we meet-up?

  Have you ever bought or sold something on craigslist? It seems like online shopping has revolutionized commerce and is now part of everyone’s lives. Even though for the most part, the…

Florida is the Worst State

Well, we finally did it. Florida is the worst state in America! A list has been running around the mighty interwebs on the best and worst states in our fine union. All…

Food Stamps And Dog Food

  There is a viral Petition on Care2 petition to have Pet food included in SNAP benefits, and it has over 100,000 supporters! SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and is…

First of the First for State of the Union Address’

Tonight, January 30, 2017, President Donald J. Trump will stand before a joint session of Congress to deliver his first State of the Union address. We expect the President to talk about…

Headless Goat Found in Cape Coral

    Whether it was done by a human or animal is, “impossible to say for sure.” “If this was done by humans, maybe they think a canal is the most discreet/efficient…

Moon Facts

  “If this was done by humans, maybe they think a canal is the most discreet/efficient way to get rid of a carcass? Impossible to say without being able to speak to…

Daylight Saving Time

Back in November, Senator Steube filled a bill to cut daylight saving time. He proposed that the state of Florida stay on Standard time all year round and end daylight savings. The…

Rough Traffic Day in SWFL

In a heavy traffic season, it’s important to remember the basics when driving past scenes of traffic accidents. Monday (January 29th) was a rough day for traffic fatalities in Southwest Florida. There…

FPL To Not Add Planned Bill Surcharge

FPL recently announced they will not add a planned surcharge to their customer’s bills to cover the cost to repair the damage from Hurricane Irma. Last November, FPL discussed how they were…

Erica the Eagle: A True Survivor

  Erica the Eagle has survived a gun-shot, adapted to living with an amputated wing, and has now recovered from a mosquito-infestation. Erica the Eagle has recovered yet again. “A couple months…

Fort Myers Fire Department To End Safer Grant

Fort Myers Fire Department (FMFD) isn’t receiving the SAFER grant any longer. That’s about 3 million dollars they will be missing out on starting February 7th, 2018. That also means about 4-5…

Laws For Bikers and Motorists in Florida

  Everyday, bikes and cars share the road, many involving motorists and bikers. There are laws that both the driver and the biker need to be aware of before hitting the road.…

What the heck is an epidemic?

  The flu has been a favorite topic in the news; lately, we decided to break it down and talk about what the heck an epidemic actually is. We used a tool…

Being Alerted to Tornadoes in an Area Lacking Sirens

    Much of Florida does not have sirens or alert systems in place for tornadoes, so how can you be prepared? The Florida Division of Emergency Management held a statewide tornado…

Tax Tip Tuesday: Who Should File Taxes?

  Tax season 2018 is officially in full swing and most American taxpayers are excited to file in hopes they will receive a refund this year. In 2017, the Internal Revenue Service…

Lee County School District Sales Tax Increase

  With about 1,800 new students each year, the Lee County School District is in need of more schools. More schools mean more money. Their solution? Increase the sale tax from 6%…

House Bill 33: Texting While Driving

  Florida legislation is working to pass a bill that would change the rules for texting while driving in Florida. Under the proposed legislation, officers would be able to pull over drivers…

Federal Government is Reopen: For now …

The federal government is back in business. The federal government partially shut down late Friday night, after lawmakers failed to agree on a budget for government agencies and operations. But after 2…

Government shutdown: Be prepared, not scared! 

  There’s no need to panic if the Federal Government shuts down for a few days. Washington lawmakers are trying to agree on a budget that will fund government operations and agencies. The Associated Press hashes out…

Rabies-Infested Bat Found Outside Gulf Gate Plaza

What you should do if you come across high-risk wildlife. This week, a bat that tested positive for rabies was found outside a store at the Gulf Gate Plaza. The Florida Department…

Sick? Need medicine? Have no one to Help?

A Cape Coral woman has offered to pick up medicine for people battling the flu that can’t get out of their homes to do so on their own. A local woman is…

Tide Pod Social Media Challenge

  The internet’s latest trend has taken the nation by surprise. People have been eating laundry detergent pods for a new social media challenge. What started as a serious warning, has transformed into…

Shell Trees?

  Seashells hang from the trees at many SWFL beaches and the reason why is not certain. Locals say the shells hanging from the branches are there to remember a loved one or…

Dead Turtles on Alligator Alley

The shoulders of Interstate-75 near Snake Road are lined with dead turtles. You might have noticed an unfortunate scene driving through Interstate-75, otherwise known as Alligator Alley: Turtles dead on the side…

What’s Going Up Near You: Construction in SWFL

  Welcome to a new series where we find out what’s being built all around Southwest Florida. Our first entry is this grey building going up next to Lakes Park in Fort…

Traffic Accidents Rise in Lee County in 2017

  Traffic accident deaths have been increasing overall in Lee County since 2012. It’s a problem Florida Highway Patrol has noticed and continues to try and combat in Southwest Florida. “A mom…

SWFL Video Game Developer, Angel Molina

  The response to the Southwest Florida Comic Con shocked all of us. The organizers were expecting only hundreds of attendees but ended up with an attendance of thousands. It was an…

ECHO Farms Receives $25,000 Grant

  ECHO Global Farm was presented with a $25,000 grant from the Cape Coral Community Foundation Global Center for Generosity (CCCF) and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation on Monday. The foundation recognized…

First City Council Meeting of 2018

City council meetings are a place where the community can get together and address any concerns they have about their city. It can be a little intimidating – trust us, we know,…

Lee Health Prepares for flu in Southwest Florida

How Lee Health is handling the local flu outbreak and the plans in place if it were to get worse. Lee Health is dealing with, “slightly over 330 cases (of the flu)…

Pay It Forward: The Story of Natasha Paterson

My afternoon was supposed to be spent doing a story on the beautiful sunsets in SWFL. However, the universe had a different plan for me that day. I attempted to go to…

Is Your Phone Listening?

  Have you ever felt like your phone is listening on private conversations because of the oddly specific ads that pop up? We have. The experiment was simple, talk about a place…

Tax Tips Tuesday

Dear Taxpayers, According to, you have two extra days to file your tax returns this year. Your employer will have until the end of January to mail out your W-2 forms.…

Bitcoiners of SWFL

Bitcoin is officially a household name and Southwest Florida is not staying behind. There have been numerous stories of people earning thousands, and even millions of dollars investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s a…

Goodwill Opens on Six Mile Cypress

  If you drove down Six Mile Cypress on January 4th, you would have seen hundreds of people gathering around a Goodwill. What was so special about this particular thrift store? Lots…

Impact of Bomb Cyclone on us

  Why so dramatic calling it a “bomb” cyclone and how is it affecting us in Florida? The blizzard like conditions in the northeast are thanks to a (possibly dramatically named, depending…

Debate Rages Over Parking Boats In Driveways

A common argument in Cape Coral peaks its head again. There’s a debate stirring among Cape Coral residents over whether or not people should be allowed to park boats in their driveways.…

This service helps seniors feel less alone

This time of year can be hard for seniors. Check on your neighbors. Take care of one another. Christmas is over but it’s not too late to make someone feel loved.  

Sign up for the 3rd Annual Facial Hair for Cancer 10K/5K

Hello SWFL is partnering with other sponsors to host a 10k-5k run and two-mile walk in support of cancer awareness, education, and financial assistance. All proceeds will support SWFL non-profits. The run…

News Year In Review

  As 2017 comes to a close we take a look back at some of the highs and lows this year brought to us. Throughout the entire year we covered stories that we…

The reason behind Publix Scales

  Why do most Publix locations in Florida have scales? Turns out it’s a tradition that started with their founder, George Jenkins. Back in the 30s, home scales weren’t a thing. You…

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Get up close and personal with your local bald eagles through the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. These cameras show three different angles of the birds’ nest. They also feature a 360 camera…

FMPD improving community involvement

  The Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) is taking steps in improving community relations. The department participated in a week long program in October in an effort to improve community involvement. The…

2017 HelloSWFL Year-End Recap

  We’ve shared tables, laughs, tears and countless stories. The best part? It’s all thanks to you, SWFL! As our gift to you, we’ve shared some of our favorite (and most embarrassing)…

Contractor Claims No Companies Provide Estimates Upfront

  by Charlie Edward As if the catastrophe of losing your home or having damage to your home after Hurricane Irma wasn’t enough, imagine a contractor taking advantage of your situation just…

Vegans Protest in Downtown Fort Myers
Vegans Protest In Fort Myers

“I actually love meat,” said one passerby. “And I’ll always eat meat. (But) what I do see is very upsetting.” by Charlie Edward On the Patio De Leon in downtown Fort Myers,…

LeeWay Entrance
LeeWay Transponders Gets You Through Tolls With Ease

  If you ride through Lee County you have the option use the LeeWay Transponder instead of the SunPass to get through the tolls. If you’re a newcomer to Southwest Florida, the…

Downtown Fort Myers Protest
Downtown Fort Myers Protest For Israel

  A crowd of protestors gathered in downtown Fort Myers to express their frustration with President Trump’s recent decision to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The…

SWFL Autism Screening
Mobile Autism Screenings for Young Children

  It is estimated that one in every 68 children is diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined.…


  It seems like every decade or so, a new technology is developed that creates some revolution that moves us forward. The assembly line and the creation of mass productions formulated the…

No More Daylight Savings in Florida?

  Can you imagine never having to deal with changing your clocks or losing an hour of sleep each year? Senator Greg Stuebe is hoping to make this possible for the state…

SWFL Business
How Hard is it to Bring a Company to SWFL?

  So, why does it take so long for businesses to come to southwest Florida? Any deal starts with a buyer (mostly an established company), eyeing a piece of land they want.…

Ride Nature
Ride Nature: Spreading Fun Across The World

  Ride Nature is a local action sports organization dedicated to outreach, evangelism and giving generously, making sure people across the world are having fun. They spread the word and the fun…

Topgolf Location in Fort Myers
Where Oh Where Will Topgolf Go?

  When I was growing up, there were a number of news stories about Six Flags building a park in my hometown. And the stories were constant over the course of twenty…

Wildfire Prevention SWFL
Wildfire Season Preparation Tips

Residents and visitors of Southwest Florida, are you prepared for wildfire season? You may think wildfires occur right after hurricane season, or what many locals refer to as, the dry season, but…

Naples Florida Beach Parking

  The city of Naples Florida is no longer selling non-resident beach parking passes, but all Collier county property taxpayers and full-time residents are still eligible to get the annual parking permit.…

Marco Patriots
The Impact of the Marco Patriots

The Marco Patriots began as a small group of volunteers looking to help their community through Hurricane Irma. Now, they are still committing acts of service and have made a lasting impact on…

The Notorious Edgar J. Watson

A community united in murder, deep in the heart of the Everglades, left a lasting legacy that tells the story of a mysterious visitor. It was 1910 and one man, Edgar Watson,…

The Misconceptions Surrounding The Ronald McDonald House

    The Ronald McDonald House Charities® are many things; and while the charity is a household name, misconceptions about the organization run abound. RMHC of Southwest Florida wants to set the record…

When Fido Goes Missing

  You’re tidying up your apartment. Setting the dishes in place, wiping down the counters, and you reach down to pick up the trash. You head out the front door, but don’t…

Dr. Green Signs Explained
Dr. Green Relief Signs Explained By Real Doctor

Driving down any major street in Fort Myers, I’m sure you have seen a number of cheaply made plastic signs that read, “Dr. Green Relief Cannabis Cards.” What caught my producer’s eye…

Asking Veterans How They Want To Be Celebrated

  I don’t care much for parades. It’s very much like watching traffic but all cars are bright, colorful, and going as fast as a TV reality star trying to comprehend Latin.…

The $23,000 Foot Cream

Meet Al Noto. Al is a 72-year-old retired educator from New Jersey. When he visited his podiatrist for a routine foot examination. Al found himself caught up in the world big pharma,…

Meet the Candidates

Cape Coral Mayoral Candidate interview with Joe Coviello Cape Coral Mayoral Candidate Mike Hollow

Nate Allen Police Reform

The tension between the black American community and local police is nothing new if you’ve been watching the news lately. Some of the national tension trickled down to Fort Myers, spurring conversation…

Halloween Costume Ideas
Fool-Proof Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you still in need of a Halloween costume? Ariel and Tonie set out to see what costumes they could throw together last-minute. The goal was to find costumes that were easy to put…

SWFL Halloween
Have a Spook-Tacular Halloween SWFL

Happy Halloween, SWFL! We’ve collected our favorite, skele-fun-filled videos to help you kick off today’s spooky celebration. Watch and enjoy the collection below! Adam explores the main motives behind Halloween and asks…

Brush in Marco Island
Update On Marco Island Brush

We found out some useful information for you, Marco Island. Brush piles are soon to disappear but you will still need some patience. Go to for the date they will be…

Celebrating Halloween
Why Are You Celebrating Halloween?

  Everybody enjoys a good celebration, and perhaps a less than good one from time to time. That said, do we blindly partake in holidays just because they exist on the calendar?  Long…

Hurricane Irma Cleanup
What Happens To Hurricane Debris?

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection explains how they handled debris in the weeks following Hurricane Irma.

Masking Tape Tree

  With just a bit of wire and tape, local children created leaves for a gigantic 9-foot tall masking tape tree art installation. (Try saying that five times fast!) The kids showcased their…

The Sights and Sounds of Cuba

One of our journalists went to Cuba and shared what she discovered about our neighbors to the south with us.  

Bonnets For Abigail​

Abigail, a victim of dog fighting, was rescued from Miami with severe head injuries. After surgery, the bandages on Abigail’s head were tied in a bow, resembling a bonnet. She made a…

Letter to Immokalee

Inspired by the strength of their community, the College Advisory Board at Taste of Immokalee cheers on their city with words of encouragement.  

Vertical Integration and Farming

  As the farming industry in SWFL declines, some growers rely on an age-old business practice to survive.

Infamous Criminals of SWFL

Florida seems to draw in some strange characters. Here are a few of the infamous criminals in our area.  

What You Need to Know About Irma Debris

  Are you wondering when your Irma debris are going to get picked up? We spoke with Lee County Solid Waste to get the answer.

Do you have a Smart Device?

Do you use a home assistant device? We want to talk to you! Share your stories of your Amazon Echo or Google Home with us in the comments below. We’d love to…

Super Nintendo Classic

  On September 29th, we went out to try to get the hottest holiday item of the year: The Super Nintendo Classic!

Harvest Moon 2017

  Don’t forget to look up! Tonight’s Harvest Moon will be a feast for the eyes.

Unlicensed Contractors

  WATCH OUT unlicensed contractors are out looking for homes in need of repair after Hurricane Irma.

The Salvation Army

  Even though they may not have a place to stay, the homeless can still come to the The Salvation Army of Lee, Hendry, & Glades Counties to receive medical care.

From Spring Training to Wild Card

The playoff-bound Minnesota Twins are the first team to lose 100+ games in a season and make the playoffs the next year. The postseason seemed years away when hello SWFL talked to…

What Drowning Looks Like

  Drowning is not always obvious.. so keep an eye at out all times!

Equifax Data Breach

  The hack of a credit reporting agency is threatening your identity. Freezing your credit is one way to protect yourself, but is it for you?

SWFL Agriculture Destroyed By Hurricane Irma

  Hurricane Irma destroyed many homes and businesses, but what happened to nearby farms? We spoke with Circle C Farm to check in about Irma’s impact on their livestock and livelihood.

Is the world ending?

  Hurricane Irma left some major devastation here in SWFL, but the number of natural disasters around the world has been catastrophic.

Lego Ninjago Movie Review

  Here’s the review for the Lego Ninjago Movie … just in case you are planning to escape the house sometime soon.

Pay it Forward

  If only we could all act with the same amount of kindness that comes behind a natural disaster. Let’s make it a goal in our day to day to go the…

Trees of McGregor Fort Myers Florida

Hurricane Irma changed the landscape of SWFL, and in one historic neighborhood it will take over a century to replace the lost scenery.  

Relief Supplies Arrive in Labelle Florida

Labelle residents have started picking up the pieces after Irma, but they’re running out of relief supplies. Find out how you can donate.  

Hurricane Irma: The Long Wait – Part 1

  As hurricane Irma moved close, my parents fled their home to seek refuge on Florida’s east coast. I was fortunate to be invited along and lucky to have a camera.

Supreme Master Helping Victims Around the World

  Arcadia has many stories this is only one. From Texas to SWFL Supreme Master TV travels around the world helping feed victims of natural disasters

Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium Hurricane Clean up

  Sadly, the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium is now having to recover again, this time from Hurricane Irma. This comes after just having been flooded a couple weeks ago. This Friday,…

Irma’s Impact on Bonita Springs

While Bonita Springs remains mostly underwater, a local hero advocates and gathers resources for the community’s safe return home.  

FEMA Disaster Assistance

Are you in need of FEMA disaster assistance? There are several items you should have on hand to make the application process seamless.

Shy Wolf Sanctuary​ and Irma

Volunteers at Shy Wolf Sanctuary rode out the storm with the animals and worked tirelessly keep them safe from falling trees and debris  

Dysentery Concerns

  It’s like we are living on the Oregon Trail with the dysentery concerns in the area. Here’s some info on dysentery minus the covered wagon.

SWFL Mosquito Outbreak

Lee County Mosquito Control predicts a large outbreak post-Irma. Here are some tips to better protect yourself.  

What Food Reimbursement?

  If you are looking to get reimbursement for the food you lost due to Hurricane Irma, THINK AGAIN!

What Would You Pack?

  Tell us what you had to take with you in the evacuation.

When a Community Comes Together

  Nothing like seeing cultures come together in times like these. This family-owned Mexican restaurant is serving $1 tacos to the community in Bonita. Bravo.

Gas Lines In SWFL

  It isn’t a matter of finding gas now, it is more about be able to wait in line this long.

Lehigh After Irma

  Lehigh after Irma. It was right in the line of fire.

9/11 Remembrance

  As we rebuild our lives and help our neighbors, we remember today and draw strength from those experiences.

Open Shelters

  Don’t Panic like this little guy! Here are shelters now open and still have space. Stay Safe SWFL!

The Calm Before Irma

  What do you do hours before a massive hurricane hits? These neighbors showed theirs kids how to remain calm before the storm.

Know Your Closest Shelter Location

  Things aren’t looking too good for SWFL this weekend. Know your closest shelter, and how they can accommodate you and your family. Find your closest shelter here:

Evacuating SWFL- Gas Buddy App

  If you’re evacuating SWFL, use the GasBuddy app – it’s keeping drivers up-to-date on which gas stations still have fuel

Evacuating Hurricane Irma

  Evacuating Irma can be crazy. Remember to stay calm and drive carefully. Stay Safe SWFL!

Hard to Find Water

  Here’s how to find water in SWFL

Hurricane Pool Prep

  Hurricanes and pools don’t mix. Here are some things you should do secure your pool.

Hurricane History

  As Hurricane Irma approaches we take a look at other major hurricanes that hit SWFL. Were you around for any of these? Stay safe SWFL!

Hurricane Irma – To Stay or Go

Floridians had one of two choices this past week: To face Irma’s wrath or head out. Here’s one story from the road.

Hurricane Irma – To Stay or Go

  Floridians had one of two choices this past week: To face Irma’s wrath or head out. Here’s one story from the road.

Island Park Flooding

We got to catch our local community in action! Its times like this is when we need to come together.  

Florida Mangroves

Where would Florida be without the Mangroves?  

Low Lying Areas in SWFL

  Ever wonder why one street is completely flooded then you turn a corner and the road is dry? Here’s a brief explanation.

Sept. 16, 2017 International Coastal Cleanup Day

  We care about the coast, join us Sept. 16th at Bunche Beach Preserve to do something great. That is International Coastal Cleanup Day; let’s come together as a community to make…

Red Cross: Hurricane Harvey

  While local needs are still being assessed, here’s how you can support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Wilder RV Resort Fort Myers Florida

  How did the recent flooding affect you? Residents of Wilder RV Resort are completely underwater and are looking for some relief.

Swimming Pool Safety and Drowning Deaths

Did you know that drowning is responsible for more deaths among children 1-4 than any other cause except birth defects? Let’s put an end to this!

Rent-to-Own Homes

  Yes or no … Rent-to-own homes, what do you think? With over 2,769 available rent-to-own homes in the Fort Myers area alone, we decided to sit down with real estate lawyer…

Good Time Movie Review

  Oh No! The Angry Tomato is back and his critical eye is on the new movie Good Time. Someone really wronged this tomato.

Bonnets For Abigail​i

When Bonnets For Abigaili was used as a bait dog, half of her face was missing. Now she’s nominated for the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards by showing the dangers of…

Bizarre Crimes of Florida

  Florida is full of strange crimes and we are not exempt here in SWFL. Here are just a couple we found in our area

Total Eclipse 2017

We were able to get a camera on the Bank of America Financial Center during the Solar Eclipse. Check out what we saw!

Cash for Watching TV

  Cash for watching TV! It has to be too good to be true. We called to see.

Safe Driver 101

  Do you know the main causes of car accidents in Florida? (Hint: One would be watching this video while driving, so wait until you’re parked!

Keeping up with the SWFLoridians!

Do you know where SoCo is? Make sure you know what your friends are talking about when you hear about this place.

Edible Plants: What to Grow

  Thought you missed the harvest? We’ve got you covered! Every month, we will be showcasing edible plants to grow in your garden to keep you and your family healthy and self-sustainable.

Latin Independence Days of August

  Donde está la fiesta? (Where is the party?). August is full of celebrations within our local Latin community. Here are the nationalities celebrating their independence day in the month of August.

Conversations with SWFL Share Your Perspective

  We want to talk and share your perspectives on local and national events. Do you have thoughts different from those shared by residents in this video? Share them with us and…

Apps For Telemarketers

  Do you constantly receive telemarketer calls? These apps may be helpful!      

Fire Extinguisher Tips

  Do you know how to properly use and maintain a fire extinguisher? Estero Fire Rescue shows us how before an emergency strikes  

WARNING: Social Media Challenge

  WARNING: Graphic Material Have you heard of the social media challenge that involves boiling water? Seriously what are these kids thinking?

Would you have coffee with a stranger?

When was the last time you had a conversation with a complete stranger? Would you stop? Would you question their motives? What would YOU do?  

Coming Soon: Lee County Roundabouts

  Did you know roundabouts have been around since before cars? One may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Human Trafficking Signs

Human trafficking flyers have made their way to SWFL. Make sure you know what these signs look like to keep you and your family safe.

Suds For Drugs the Tide Crime Ring

Could there be more to this laundry detergent theft? Ft. Myers Police are working to identify the suspect accused of grand theft, he allegedly stole over $300 worth of laundry detergent.

Demented Youtube Kids Videos

Did you know that millions of demented videos are targeting your children on youtube. We investigated to see what can be done.

Decreasing Uber Rates?

The cost of Uber rides may be decreasing but what does that mean for SWFL drivers?

Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review

Movie critic Chris meets his match when he encounters Comic book expert Daryl Morson in this movie review spectacular! Spider-Man  

When Beginners Own Guns

  How safe are gun ranges when beginners decide to practice their #secondamendment rights?

The Day After Beach Clean-up

  Have you ever wondered how much trash is left on the beach after the 4th of July? We partnered up with Keep Lee County Beautiful and Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation…

MOVIE REVIEW: Despicable 3

  The Minions are back in Despicable 3, but noticeably absent is a coherent plot. Chris and Leo have their take.

Baby Driver Movie Review

  Baby Driver is cruising a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes! Is it critically over-hyped or is it earned? Only Movie Critic Chris and his magical son Leo know the answer!

Office Workout Tips

  Don’t have extra time to go to the gym? Here are some tips for staying fit at your office desk job!    

Zika Fashion Tips

    The CDC recommends covering up in an effort to prevent bites from mosquitoes carrying Zika. We compiled a lookbook for outfits to wear and advice for types of repellents to…

Help Eradicate Human Trafficking

  SWFL ranks #1 in Florida for human trafficking, we as a community need to come together to combat this serious epidemic! SWFL Regional Human Trafficking Coalition

How to Avoid Road Rage

  These tips may or may not help you calm yourself down when you are battling traffic.

Number One Littered Substance in the World

  Can you believe that cigarette butts are the number one littered substance in the world? Here are a few facts on the negative impact that cigarettes can have on our environment.

7 Free Tips and Tricks For Healthy Skin Don’t only rely on skin care products you can buy at the store. Here are some free tips and tricks you should know to take better care of your skin.

New Hi-rise Condominium Naples

  Beach Box Cafe and Beach store may be leaving SWFL in order to build a new hi-rise condominium near Vanderbilt Beach, Florida. What do you think about it?

Welcome Home Hello SWFL!

  New office, new environment, and all new surroundings. This week we moved into our permanent home.

Rick Scott Signs Marijuana Bill

Rick Scott signed the #medicalmarijuana bill this past Friday, but there are still many obstacles that SWFL patients have to go through. Do you think it should be this difficult?

Naples Pier Beach Health Advisory Cancelled

  We contacted the Florida Department of Health in Collier County to find out what they had to say about the recent health advisory for Naples Pier Beach. But the real question…

Help Find Guinness

  Have you seen this dog? After two year’s of searching, Laurie has not given up hope that someday Guinness will return home. Help Lost Dog?

360 video: Million Dollar Yacht

  What does it take to maintain a million dollar yacht? Check out this 360 video where we talked to Mantilla Yacht Company LLC to figure it out.

Transformers 5 Movie Review

  Movie Critic Chris faithfully recreates the experience of watching the latest Transformers movie! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Microchipping Your Pet

  Microchipping your pet could be your greatest gift to him/her. Now Lee County Domestic Animal Services is offering $10 microchipping, just in time for ‘#takeyourdogtoworkday‘ this Friday!

Lee County Board Meeting

Lee County Board Meeting On June 20th Lee County voted to make a $42 million purchase! Was it worth the price? We let you decide.

Social Media Boundaries

  Feeling overwhelmed by notifications, the people on your newsfeed, or all elements of social? Don’t be afraid to set boundaries. Guard your mind from overstimulation by following some of these tips.…

UPDATE: Rusty Statues

  Did you know those statues in the Fort Myers River District were supposed to be removed in May? Well, they just got an extension!

Puppy Purchases

  Puppies like shopping too; puppies like shopping more than you.

UK Terrorist Attacks

  With all the negative press surrounding terrorist attacks, sometimes we need to take a moment and reflect on the human connections that come out of such tragedies.