National Fig Newton Day

There are a lot of surprising national holidays out there – but, January 16th marks one of the most important – National Fig Newton Day.

Fig Newtons were created in Philadelphia in 1891 by baker, Charles Roser. Back then, figs and biscuits were commonly prescribed for digestive issues. Roser created the cookies as both a delicious treat and treatment for health issues.

The Fig Newton is also a hot topic within the vegan community. It has sparked controversy on whether the Fig Newton is actually vegan.

The fig newton is actually a flower pollinated by wasps that crawl inside of the flower. Some vegans argue that it’s possible for wasps to become trapped inside the flower and ‘dissolve’ within the plant. The argument is that eating a fig is eating a wasp. But not to worry, the figs grown in the U.S. are said to be self-pollinating and wasp residue free.
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