Head and Tongue Tacos

“Tacos come in all shapes, sizes, and proteins. And quite honestly, there is no way wrong way to Taco. We recently visited one of SWFL’s favorite taco spots, Taqueria San Julian. Not only did we enjoy classic tacos like the al Pastor, but we talked about what makes a good Taco? Authentic Mexican tacos consist of protein, onion, and cilantro wrapped in a tortilla. You also can’t forget to top it off with salsa and a bit of lime. But while we savored our delicious tacos, two protein options on the menu kept grabbing our attention.

Apparently, there are a couple of weird options on the menu. San Julian also serves Cabeza and Lengua tacos. That’s head and tongue tacos. Like we said, tacos can come with various proteins. For some cultures, livestock was really expensive. So when they could have a meaty meal, nothing was left to waste. As gross as you may think it is, its some of people’s favorite tacos.

We thought it would be hilarious if we brought some of those tacos to our office, and see the reaction of people who have never been exposed to them. Here’s what happened.”

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