Drinking With Style – Craft Cocktails In Naples


According to some, craft cocktails are old hat. In SWFL, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Three years ago, Chef Vincenzo Betulia expanded his downtown Naples restaurant, Osteria Tulia. The addition, Bar Tulia, was created with a specific intention- an intimate craft cocktail and Italian influenced gastropub with a very heavy focus on craft.

Craft is defined as “an activity involving skill in making things by hand.” It may seem redundant when thinking about cocktails, since they’re already made by hand, but the bartenders at Bar Tulia take it to the next level. The spirits they use are carefully selected; the syrups all made in-house. Even the dehydrated fruit they use as garnishes are bought fresh and dehydrated on site.

This may seem like a lot for a drink, but at Bar Tulia, the menu matches the extensive list of ingredients. Here, a section of the drinks list is dedicated to cocktails the bartenders have concocted themselves, ensuring all of the ingredients kept behind the bar are used and the flavor profiles are always on-point.

“They give us the power here to create, I don’t know very many bars that allow you to do that,” Stanley, one of their veteran bartenders who has been with the bar since opening, tells us. “They really allow us to use our artistry.”

To better understand the work that goes into the drinks at Bar Tulia, check out our video above, or head down to Bar Tulia in Naples, open every day at 4 pm.


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