Blue Moon Pizza: Small Price, Big Slice

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, then you might go blind if the pie is as big as the ones at Blue Moon Pizza in Fort Myers.

Everything was executed right: thin crust, gooey-yet-chewy cheese, a tomato sauce that is both sweat and savory. Wash it down with a coke, that is the way it’s done. Don’t forget to fold your pizza and lean in tight to avoid dripping grease on your dapper shirt.

With a lunch special of two cheese slices and a fountain drink for under $6, I am sold.

I should have stopped there; yet, I didn’t. I got cocky and adventurous, leading me to try the gluten-free option. In theory, everything sounded all well and good, Thai style chicken pizza, gluten-free crust, healthy and tasty — it should have been stellar.

Well, that’s what one might think.

Why did the chicken cross the Sahara Desert? Apparently to get cooked and put on top of this piece of ‘pizza’. The crust was the only thing that had any sort of flavor complexity, but not enough to save the dehydrated chicken and bland ’Thai’ toppings. Which if you want to know consisted of bean sprouts, peanuts, and peanut sauce.

Stick to the cheese, stick to what you know, stick to what the good Lord wants you to eat.

Two cheese and a soda, please.

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