Angel Pasta


Not all ideas survive in the world of reality. Little details which once seemed unimportant suddenly become a giant thorn in the side. Small stuff like what do you call yourself as a business.

Angel Pasta is a very good name on it’s own and the local R&D food company in Fort Myers thought so as well for a number of years. However, head Chef Scott Beale took the mission of creating vegan pastas appealing to millennials beyond what was originally thought possible.

Now they have pastas of all colors, flavors, and sizes except for one: boring pale looking angel hair pasta that can be bought at any super market.

Angel Pasta needed a new name or most customers will think they make a pasta that’s not on the menu.

Over the course of three weeks, Scott Beale, Marketing Director Jennifer Coomer, and the company owner Mike Asaad had a marathon of meetings trying to come up with a perfect name. Hundreds of names were produced and most did not survive the cutting process of the employees and their families.

It wasn’t until they focused on Mike Asaad’s North African heritage that a winner became clear.

Ben Ali seemed just right name for the company. Ali was the name of Mike Asaad’s father and “Ben” means “Son of” in Ali’s home country. Add on the word “foods” at the end and now the name can encompass all the future innovations Scott Beadle can cook up in the kitchen.

Sometimes it is good to sweat the small stuff.


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