$8 vs. $26 Chicken and Waffles

  Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and waffles — these are legacy dishes that will live long in our world. I went out to see what the difference is…

The Kebab of Your Dreams

  Shawarma, falafel, tahini; some of my favorite flavors in the world.

What are these? Well, they are part of middle eastern cuisine and today I am going to kebab village in Fort…

The California Burrito

  Sometimes things aren’t as advertised. When I was told about a food truck called California burrito, well, my hopes weren’t high.  My hopes should have been higher because the burrito didn’t…

Sushi and Korean BBQ

  If the spicy tuna is good you can order anything. It is how I judge a sushi restaurant and has worked out pretty well in the past. A special roll named…

Everything Jalapeño bagels?

  Garlic, jalapeño, bialys, spinach parmesan, to name a few varieties of bagels. Apparently, there are Cuban sandwiches, too. Fresh Bagels & More in Fort Myers had me hooked from the first…

Food Truck Park Rolling into Naples

  Food truck operators will soon have one more option to set up shop to sell their tasty treats. In September 2018, a food truck park is expected to open at Celebration…

Crepes, From a Food Truck?

  The food truck market has been slowly expanding as of late, and the options are starting to become plenty. I ventured out to Lakes Park Farmers Market in Fort Myers where…

Immokalee’s Culinary Accelerator

  If the thought of starting a food-related business has ever crossed your mind, well, life just got a little smoother. Does Culinary Accelerator ring any bells?

  Places like New York City,…

Wine Making in Fort Myers

  Hangar 41 Winery in Fort Myers sources high-quality grape juices from wine regions around the globe to bring over 80 varieties of wines to be brewed at their storefront in Southwest…

Farm to Table at Purple Spoon Culinary

  The term farm to table has been around for a long time, and that is what is happening here. Chef Kristina San Filippo of Purple Spoon Culinary in Bonita Springs is…

Secret Diners: Matt’s Red Hots in San Carlos

Yes, you heard that right. Well, it’s more of shells and cheese, but I digress. There was bacon too; oh, how I adore the meaty goodness of the cured pig gods. A…

Cape Coral to Extend Bar Hours on Weekend Days

The city council voted Monday afternoon to let bars within the city’s CRA district boundaries to stay open until 3:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. This will only apply to bars located…

An Introduction to Pho, Vietnamese Noodle Soup

It might just be my favorite thing on earth. Hot broth, rice noodles, an assortment of beef; of course I am talking about pho. For someone unfamiliar with the Vietnamese soup of…

Drag Brunch at Nice Guys Pizza

Someone does not usually hear the words “drag show” and “brunch” in the same breath. I have to say, it was a hell of a time. Surrounded by casual bar conversation, glasses…

Secret Diners: Fancy’s Southern Cafe

I’ve heard the name many times and probably passed it in my car even more. The location in Fort Myers is thrown in the mix and mess right off of Daniels Parkway…

Hello SWFL Tries Frog Legs

It’s the Chicken of the sea, or something like that. A recent adventure took me to Fancy’s Southern Cafe in Fort Myers where frog legs graced the menu. I thought it would…

Bahia Bowls Cafe in Estero

The new Bahia Bowls in Estero, Florida is an acai cafe founded by 21-year-old Ben Casey and his father and business partner Steve Casey. Ben is currently a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast…

Now Open Marlins Brewhouse in Ft. Myers

A 4,800 sq. foot, local craft beer and wine bar, Marlins Brewhouse, is now open in south Fort Myers. The brand new space off of Six Mile Cypress curates and features Florida beer on tap from both Southwest…

Deals Around SWFL for National Margarita Day

  February 22nd is National Margarita Day! Some local restaurants around Southwest Florida are having specials and deals to celebrate. Cabos Cantina is offering free nachos with the purchase of a margarita…

Local Produce

  Do you know where your “local” fruits and vegetables come from? Co-owner of Buckingham Farms, TJ Cannamela, talks about the importance of knowing when and where your crops are coming from, and…

Head and Tongue Tacos

“Tacos come in all shapes, sizes, and proteins. And quite honestly, there is no way wrong way to Taco. We recently visited one of SWFL’s favorite taco spots, Taqueria San Julian. Not…

National Fig Newton Day

There are a lot of surprising national holidays out there – but, January 16th marks one of the most important – National Fig Newton Day. Fig Newtons were created in Philadelphia in 1891 by baker, Charles…

Angel Pasta

  Not all ideas survive in the world of reality. Little details which once seemed unimportant suddenly become a giant thorn in the side. Small stuff like what do you call yourself…

Hold the Romaine Lettuce

This leafy green is on the radar for possible E.coli food poisoning You may want to put your love for romaine lettuce on hold for awhile. Consumer Reports recently put the public…

Which SWFL store has the cheapest groceries?

  As an experiment, our reporter took the same grocery list to four local grocery stores and compared the prices. To keep it simple, we shopped for a taco dinner and checked…

Orange Farmers Brace for Temperature Drop

  Produce doesn’t just show up on the refrigerated grocery store shelves. Local farmers work night and day to provide us with delicious fruits and vegetables – even when Mother Nature throws them…

We Tried Delicious Raw

Wellness bowls, healthy shots and other things to make you feel good. We tried Delicious Raw. Enjoy our review! Recent Posts

This DIY cold remedy may help your aching throat

Looking for an all natural cold remedy this cold/flu season? We’ve got just what you need! This powerful drink is loaded with antioxidants and antiviral remedies that should help ease symptoms and…

Eating Well in SWFL

  “You are only given one machine, which is your body. How you take care of that machine is up to you.” Everything from agility and brain capacity to energy levels and…

Impossible Burger Taste Test
Can the Impossible Burger Possibly Taste Like Beef?

The short answer is no. To a food enthusiast, changes to the food industry are exciting. This is especially true when the food has purpose. This was the case for the Impossible Burger, a plant-based…

Drinking With Style – Craft Cocktails In Naples

  According to some, craft cocktails are old hat. In SWFL, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Three years ago, Chef Vincenzo Betulia expanded his downtown Naples restaurant, Osteria Tulia. The…

Little Chefs N Training of Fort Myers

  Lauren Daniels owner of Little Chefs N Training teaches children the joy and value of cooking and provides them with an interactive learning experience. From events like Parents Night Out and…

Food Delivery Services in SWFL
Hungry? There’s An App For That

Soon, the days of actually getting in your car to get take-out will be over, and for parts of SWFL that time has already come. App-based food delivery services have been rolling…

Uber Eats In Fort Myers
Uber Eats- Is it Uber Worth it?

The SWFL area is growing. Report after report, claim the area is the fastest growing area in the country. So, it comes as no surprise that the services in the area would also expand,…

From Cane to Bottle

Alligator Bay Distillers is a Floridian craft rum distillery located here in Punta Gorda, FL just off of 75. Alex and Ben Voss are the brothers behind the operations. Through the encouragement of family and friends, they…

Molon Labe
MOLON LABE Brings Home-Cooked Greek Food To Fort Myers

Commonly known as the Greek place that no one can pronounce, Molon Labe Souvlaki is serving up delicious, traditional Greek food. A two-person operation, this restaurant is fully-run by husband and wife…

Tipsy Cow Bonita Springs

How many scoops of ice cream does it take for you to fail a breathalyzer test? Tara went to the Tipsy Cow in Bonita Springs where they are serving homemade, liquor-infused ice…

Maple Syrup Rum

Maple syrup 🍁 rum anyone? Ackermann Maple Farm Wicked Dolphin  

Lobster Lady in Cape Coral

Trying to find a bite to eat after Hurricane Irma? We headed to Lobster Lady Seafood Market & Bistro in Cape Coral to see if the rumors about wait times and limited…

Grumpy Goat Coffee Company

Need a pick-me-up? We hung out with Grumpy Goat Coffee at Momentum Brewhouse to see how they brought high-quality roasted coffee to SWFL, with international reach.  

More and More Tequila

TEQUILA! TEQUILA! Florida ranks third in the U.S. for the most tequila sold by volume. Why do you think Floridians are drinking more and more tequila every year?

Why are they called Super Seeds?

  Ch-ch-ch-chia! No longer just a novelty toy, learn how this “super-seed” and its counterparts can help you up your health game.  

Food and Health: Aloe Tea

  Aloe plants are known to have benefits for our skin, but there is more. Watch this to learn how to use your own aloe plant for stomach health.  

What’s Cheaper Walmart or Aldi?

  Wal-Mart or Aldi? We compared the store-brand prices of the ingredients for a chicken taco dinner to see which store has the cheapest option

Building a Restaurant Kings Kitchen

A restaurant’s ambiance can be just as important as the food they serve. We talked to Kings Kitchen to see what goes in to designing a dining room

Kings Kitchen Fort Myers

What do you prefer- Asian food, Latin food, or Southern food? The two locals that are behind Kings Kitchen couldn’t choose either, so they make it all!

Purple Spoon Culinary + Chef Kristina

Every Wednesday Purple Spoon Culinary + Chef Kristina showcases local farmers and their unique cuisine. We stopped by to get a taste of each vendor!

How Much Do You Know About Coffee?

With all the ways to prepare coffee, and all the different types of beans and roasts, do you know what you are drinking and why? If you feel lost when staring at…

Irene’s Dream Homemade Juices

Looking for a healthy pick-me-up to get you through the week? See how Irene’s Dream, delivers homemade juices and smoothies to help nourish SWFL.

Boba Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried Boba tea? We found several locations in Ft. Myers serving up the chewy goodness

Table & Tap Slow Food Southwest Florida

Have you heard of Slow Food Southwest Florida? If not, now you can! We sat down with their President, Dave Rashty, at Table & Tap to learn about their mission and got…

Recipe: Patriotic Sangria

  Looking for that perfect beverage for your Patriotic celebration? Try this delicious sangria!

Brazilian Street Food in Cape Coral

  A hamburger topped with bacon, ham, and CORN? We tried Brazilian street food for the first time at Tropical Point, Cape Coral and were blown away by the unique flavors.

AWESOME! The Beach Box Cafe

  Could your beach day use a boost? We checked out the Beach Box Cafe right across from Vanderbilt Beach, Florida Naples! Stop in and try the “Tiny Closer.”

YMCA Beyond The Plate Cooking Series

  We stopped by Greater Naples YMCA for “Beyond The Plate” to learn how the healthy cooking series gives lessons to not only those in attendance but also SWFL’s youth.

Cafe Gourmand Naples Florida

  It’s Bastille Day! To celebrate, we visited Cafe Gourmand Naples Florida to learn about their authentic menu, French traditions, and the proper way to eat a croissant!

Food Co-op: SWFL Produce

      We didn’t get to meet Swfl Produce in person, but it’s still cool to see a local traveling food co-op in SWFL.

Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery

Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery a lot more than a cup of coffee. Kunjani’s community outreach program stretches from Naples FL all the way back to their homeland in Africa.

Summer Brew

  Drink two of these and anywhere can feel like a day at the beach!

Norman Love Confections

  Norman Love Confections delivers the colors of summer in chocolate form! Norman Love himself explains how these marvelous creations got their start    

Izzy’s Fish & Oyster​

  Curious about Izzy’s Fish & Oyster, the new seafood restaurant in downtown Ft. Myers? We went undercover to review the new contemporary fish and oyster establishment.

Brass Tap in Naples

Brass Tap in Naples   Have you ever been to The Brass Tap – Naples? We stopped in to try one of their most popular beers from the other coast, Blondes Make me…

Sun Harvest Citrus

  Just because citrus season is over doesn’t mean our orange juice craving has stopped! Lucky for us, Sun Harvest Citrus is juicing local citrus all summer long.

Naples Restaurant Week

Yummmmmmm! Thanks, Chef Sean of Mediterrano for showing us how delicious Naples Restaurant Week is!  

Happy National Fudge Day!

Happy National Fudge Day! Gulf Coast Fudge co invited us, and through that invitation you, on an adventure through the truly splendid process of making delectable fudge!

Orange Juice vs Sunny D

  We took to the streets to see if SWFL residents can tell the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice, Sunny D and from concentrate. The results just might surprise you.

Tea Time Tuesday

June is #NationalIcedTeaMonth! So, we made 3 teas that you have to try … well, maybe only 2.

Did Someone say Avocado Ice Cream?!?
Looking for ways to balance your child's diet and get them to eat more fruit and veggies? Delicious Raw juice bar serves up brightly colored, healthy drinks and smoothies, just maybe don't tell them…
Family Friendly Brewery: Millennial Brewery

Who says a brewmaster and business operations manager can’t have a beer and enjoy their kids in the same place? See how they created a local brewery that allows parents and millennials…

Sanibel Sea School’s Summer Day Camp for Kids

Living in Southwest Florida provides children with the ocean as an incredible learning backdrop for summer camps that kids elsewhere have to travel to experience. Just over the Sanibel Causeway, the popular non-profit…

National Park Week: FREE ADMISSION!

Nature is an enigma to the modern man. For every tree glanced at, a thousand pixels are visually consumed. So in this skyless age, Earth Day has become more important to the…

Free Yoga Classes in Fort Myers

Before kids and when I had more disposable income, I enjoyed doing yoga at a fancy fitness center. I wasn’t a Yogi by any means, but I went when I could. That…

Review: Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival 2017

Review: The 2017 Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival was the ultimate success for the James Foundation. More than 100 vendors come together annually to share their knowledge of shrimp with the local…

Happy Taco Man
Video: 97X First Annual Taco Fest

93X FM‘s First Annual Taco Fest on March 12th, 2017, attracted crowds of more than 10,000 to enjoy quality Fort Myers tacos while helping out a great cause. Hosted at Centennial Park, Taco Fest started…

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