Goodno, Florida: Once a Bustling Cattle Community, Now Nothing but an Empty Building

Drive down any Florida road and you can see what is — but not what was.

Welcome to the town of Goodno — once a busy cattle community between LaBelle and Clewiston, now almost nonexistent.

Maude McGill Awbrey grew up here for over two decades. Her father, Ralph, owned McGill Market, a local hot spot.

The store was around until 1988 and according to a 1981 print of the local newspaper, it sold the “coldest beer in America”.

The town began in the 1800’s with E.E. Goodno. He is sometimes referred to as the “godfather of LaBelle”. According to a ghost towns website, the area was once a bustling railroad stop for cattle to be boarded in the 1800s.

E.E. Goodno promoted LaBelle and Goodno all over the United States in the early 1900’s, getting people to move there.

Nothing really remains of the Goodno that once was. A local cattle ranch and an old empty brick building (where Maude once spent time growing up) still stands. The once quiet street now sees semi-trucks and commuters wiz by on State Rod 80 every few seconds.

“I was kinda glad when they made it where it didn’t look like Goodno anymore because when I would pass it it wouldn’t make me feel like I’ve lost something,” Maude said.

If you want us to look into the history of any other hidden spots in Southwest Florida, let us know!

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