Discount Bus Rides to the Other Side

If you’ve lived in Southwest Florida for any amount of time, you already know you need a car to get from one place to another. And road trips throughout the state can…

The Difference Between Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

  Florida is hot in the summertime. Keep yourself safe by knowing the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to prevent both. Summer is almost here, which means even…

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

  It’s summer in Southwest Florida and you know what that means. Palm trees, flip-flops. Board shorts, and bikinis.

But hurricane season is still lurking around the corner and unfortunately, CNN reported that…

Hendry County Becomes a Purple Heart County

  Hendry County joins a list of 27 counties in Florida designated as Purple Heart Counties “When we’re over there we become like a brotherhood one for all and all for one.…

NAACP Wants Statue Removed From Downtown Fort Myers

  NAACP wants to move the bust of Robert E. Lee. with or without the help of The United Daughters of the Confederacy “The confederate hate symbols must come down. Even if…

Tips to Stay Safe During Gator Mating Season

  Ahh, spring! Love is in the air not just for us humans but also for our fellow reptile friends the Florida alligator. It’s gator mating season folks. This courtship normally begins…

Have You Heard of Palm Rats?

  David Schutte has been battling palm rats in his newly renovated home in North Port for the last two months. Palm Rats are a native species of the vermin that lives…

Stay Safe Beachgoers

  You’d be hard pressed to find a beach in Southwest Florida during Spring Break that isn’t packed with beachgoers and water enthusiasts. Sunshine, white sand and sea-glass colored surf are some…

What Happens at the Greyhound Track?

After weeks of trying I was finally able to get out to the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track. I was given a tour by the general manager, Juan Fra. He did not…

Florida’s Artificial Reef Program

Florida participates in an artificial reef program along with 13 other states. The purpose of this program is to build fake reefs to help with fish repopulation. The increase in fish helps…

The Dream Center to Support Dunbar’s Community

  Changes have come to Dunbar. People have dedicated their lives to being an active part of the changes in the Dunbar community. This change has come in the form of upgrades…

The Southwest Florida Historical Society

  The little yellow building is filled top to bottom with documents and artifacts from Southwest Florida’s past. The Southwest Florida Historical Society is run completely by volunteers who are passionate about…

The history of the Everglades

  Since early settlement in Florida, the Everglades have been shrinking. The Everglades is now almost half its original size. The growth of the state and the development of agricultural lands has…

Hidden History of Fort Myers

    “Most of the conversations we recently hear about Fort Myers is about how it’s among one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. What we tend to forget, though,…

Movies in SWFL
Films Made In Fort Myers

Folks at the Fort Myers Film Office want to lure productions to move back into the city. Here’s a look at some of the movies that have been filmed here.   Most…

Rachel at the Well

Ever heard of Rachel at the well? Tamika hadn’t, and now she has answers Most Recent

Florida Cracker History

  Do you know where the term Florida Cracker originates? Most Recent

Warning: Rip Current

  Most people don’t realize they are trapped in a rip current until it is too late. Do you know the signs of a rip current? Most Recent

SWFL’s 20/20 Conservation Plan

  Did you know your tax dollars are responsible for preserving 21% of SWFL land? It is! Under Conservation 20/20.   Most Recent

What is Red Tide?

We’ve all heard of the famous red tide in SWFL. But how much do you really know about it?

Will my Garbage Man Take This?

  Have you ever seen a mattress or a couch on the side of the road? Did you know that Lee County Solid Waste will pick them up and a whole lot…

Hurricane PSA

  No need to grab that commercial filled hurricane guide at Publix. Here’s an easily digestible video to help you prepare when a hurricane rears its ugly head!

Instagram Photos

  Searching for cool places for Instagram photos? Try these spots in Fort Myers, Florida

Native or Not

Fort Myers is called the City of Palms but how much do you know about these native trees? #CityofPalms

Florida Frizz

    What is the What is ? Here is some advice on how to avoid the dreaded frizz.

School Choice with Holly Hakes

  We’ve been chatting with parents about School Choice. Estero mom Holly Hakes received her son’s first choice elementary school but says the process was stressful. How do you feel?

Citrus Crop Disease

Imagine mornings without your favorite glass of OJ. Commissioner Frank Mann says these two diseases are threatening Florida’s citrus.

Living Alone

Living alone doesn’t have to be scary. Audey and Jillian give tips on how you can modify your apartment so you can feel safe in SWFL, even as a party of one.

Life Without a Car

  No car? No problem! Adam gives LeeTran – Lee County, FL Transit a shot.

Mosquito Season

  They’re back! SWFL is feeling itchy with rain season sparking mosquito season. Have any tips on keeping the pests at bay?

SWFL Fun Facts

Fun Fact Friday: Here are some facts about SWFL that you may not know.

Flea market vs. the internet

Flea market vs. the internet, we shopped at a local flea market and made a quick price comparison, the results were shocking.  

Opportunities For Homeschoolers of SWFL
The typical stigma surrounding homeschooling is that children lack vital experience and knowledge that children gain in a conventional school setting. So, one Southwest Florida mom is here to combat this stigma…
The Real Story of “Stinky” The Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape is a supposed animal whose existence has been deemed a hoax by the US National Parks Service. The first time I heard the words “Skunk Ape,” I thought someone…

Lessons From Florida’s Seminole Tribe

It’s Earth Day, so naturally, I set out to Clewiston, Florida to discover the wonder of the Seminole Tribe; a community deeply rooted in sustainability and conservation. On this adventure, I uncover the beauty…

An Egg Laying Machine: Python Dissection

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been performing studies on Burmese Pythons in an effort to control the rise of invasive species in Florida. To the outside observer, this is nothing more than…

Tips for selecting a VPK school in Florida
Tips for Selecting a VPK for Your Child

You may have seen signs in front of daycare centers and preschools advertising FREE VPK! But what exactly is VPK? Here is what you need to know. Florida is one of the…

Swamp Buggy History
Do You Know The History of The Swamp Buggy Races?

The National Swamp Buggy Races of Naples are one of Southwest Florida’s unique traditions. With a long-standing history in the community, the Swamp Buggy races hold a special place in the hearts of…

5 Things You Can Do To Help Protect The Manatee

Manatee Appreciation Day was created to bring awareness about these quirky and adorable aquatic mammals who are also some of my favorite local residents. In Southwest Florida these humble giants, close relatives…

Video: Happy Birthday, Florida!

On this day in 1845, Florida became the 27th state of the United States. We want to celebrate this special day the only way we know how, through storytelling. So, we hit…