KJ Adames

With a childhood history in the South West Florida area, KJ is not a man to be misjudged. After graduating from UCF, he took his cinematography skills to the skies, working on multiple Hollywood productions before deciding to move back to his home in SWFL to start work on the local news revolution! Specializing in every production field imaginable, nothing is going to stop this determined Dominican from telling his story.

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My Recent Work

Hidden History of Fort Myers
    “Most of the conversations we recently hear about Fort Myers is about how it’s among one of the
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Southwest Florida Driving 101 With Corporal Philip Mullen
We went to the Cape Coral Police Department to talk about some of the traffic laws we should all be
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Smallwood Store
The Smallwood Store Is Packed With Big History
If you want to get a sense of the foundation of Florida and it’s rich history, you might want to
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Southwest Florida Historical Society
Southwest Florida Historical Society: Preserving SWFL’s Rich History
The history of SWFL is celebrated at the Southwest Florida Historical Society. Volunteer, Glenn Miller, explains what the “little yellow house” represents
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Art for ACT Gallery
360 Degree Tour of Arts for ACT Gallery
Operating out of downtown Fort Myers, this local gallery raises money to support victims of violence by supporting local art.
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Meet Local Artist Cesar Aguilera
KJ visited local artist, Cesar Aguilera’s SWFL home gallery. Creating art with a purpose, Cesar keeps things interesting working with
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Salsa Dancing In SWFL
  Good for this couple. They started from nothing, now they’re holding a huge salsa event. Here’s their story.
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Uber Gives Back to Those Affected by Hurricane Irma
  Something actually good came from Irma… A bunch of free Uber rides! Here is how to claim them.
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Supreme Master Helping Victims Around the World
  Arcadia has many stories this is only one. From Texas to SWFL Supreme Master TV travels around the world
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When a Community Comes Together
Nothing like seeing cultures come together in times like these. This family-owned Mexican restaurant is serving $1 tacos to the
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Free Burgers, Ribs, and Chicken
Free burgers, Ribs, and chicken at Lee Roy Selmon's Fort Myers, FL !! Posted by Hello SWFL on Tuesday, September
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Open Shelters
  Don’t Panic like this little guy! Here are shelters now open and still have space. Stay Safe SWFL!
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The Calm Before Irma
  What do you do hours before a massive hurricane hits? These neighbors showed theirs kids how to remain calm
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Latin Independence Days of August
  Donde está la fiesta? (Where is the party?). August is full of celebrations within our local Latin community. Here
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La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre
  Sharing traditions help us understand each other. We spoke with Ricardo, a family man from Lehigh Acres, who shared
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Interview Alano Adan of SWFL
Hip Hop artist Alano Adan talks to us about the power of music and why he chooses to pursue a
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Help Eradicate Human Trafficking
  SWFL ranks #1 in Florida for human trafficking, we as a community need to come together to combat this
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Art & Poetry Networking of Fort Myers
  Looking for a place to showcase your talents and meet other local artists? We met with the team behind
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SWFL Teen Lured Into Human Trafficking
Message about Human Trafficking in Lehigh from victim's family. Posted by Hello SWFL on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 A message
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Pilot Safety
Pilot Lesson 101 We took a pilot lesson with Paragon Flight Training to learn more about the safety of aircrafts
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