Adeyinka Obisanya

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Adeyinka holds a B.A. in Mass Communications. Having worked in multiple multimedia internships before working at HelloSWFL, she has a fine-tuned skill set that encompasses most of the media world and beyond. As a digital producer, Adeyinka specializes in social media, specifically snapchat, which she uses to create original, never-before-seen content.

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Tritone Fit Fitness Routine
Would you like to switch up your fitness routine? Tritone Fit implements ballet techniques to tone your body.
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Back to School Vaccine
What could be missing on your back to school list? Maybe a vaccine your child needs to start school!
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Human Trafficking Signs
Human trafficking flyers have made their way to SWFL. Make sure you know what these signs look like to keep
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School Uniform Deals
With tax-free weekend around the corner check out these deals we found on school uniforms.
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Decreasing Uber Rates?
The cost of Uber rides may be decreasing but what does that mean for SWFL drivers?
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Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida.
  By fostering teen mothers and human trafficking victims, Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida gives SWFL children another chance
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Community Garden: Lakes Park Fort Myers, Florida
Lakes Park Farmers Market may be over, but there are still some great gardens to enjoy. Which one is your
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Office Workout Tips
  Don’t have extra time to go to the gym? Here are some tips for staying fit at your office
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Zika Fashion Tips
    The CDC recommends covering up in an effort to prevent bites from mosquitoes carrying Zika. We compiled a
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High Gas Prices in Labelle Florida
Why are gas prices in Labelle are 20 – 30 cents higher than anywhere else in SWFL? See what locals
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