Adeyinka Obisanya

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Adeyinka holds a B.A. in Mass Communications. Having worked in multiple multimedia internships before working at HelloSWFL, she has a fine-tuned skill set that encompasses most of the media world and beyond. As a digital producer, Adeyinka specializes in social media, specifically snapchat, which she uses to create original, never-before-seen content.

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When Fido Goes Missing
  You’re tidying up your apartment. Setting the dishes in place, wiping down the counters, and you reach down to
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Port Charlotte Is Squashing Mental Health Stigmas Through Education
When people think of suicide, they often think of teenagers. The assumption usually encompasses the uninvolved, quiet student who has
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Nate Allen Police Reform
The tension between the black American community and local police is nothing new if you’ve been watching the news lately.
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Lakes Park
Checking In On Lakes Park Reconstruction
Been to Lakes Park lately? Irma caused damages, but this park is not slowing down. Get ready for more farmers
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Gary Believes His Dog Came From A Puppy Mill
Gary noticed something was different about his dog Sophie’s behavior. She began shaking and scratching and it would last for
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Bonnets For Abigail​
Abigail, a victim of dog fighting, was rescued from Miami with severe head injuries. After surgery, the bandages on Abigail’s
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What You Need to Know About Irma Debris
  Are you wondering when your Irma debris are going to get picked up? We spoke with Lee County Solid
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The Bread of Life Mission​
  In the days after Irma, Judy Jones from The Bread of Life Mission organized a ton of relief efforts.
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Tutors Get College Education Paid For by The Guadalupe Center
  These Immokalee students are working as tutors and getting part of their college education paid for by the Guadalupe
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Loneliness and Senior Citizens
  Did you know that loneliness has been linked to early death in seniors? Senior Friendship Centers is finding a
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