Adeyinka Obisanya

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Adeyinka holds a B.A. in Mass Communications. Having worked in multiple multimedia internships before working at HelloSWFL, she has a fine-tuned skill set that encompasses most of the media world and beyond. As a digital producer, Adeyinka specializes in social media, specifically snapchat, which she uses to create original, never-before-seen content.

My Work

Puppy Purchases
Puppy Purchases Puppies like shopping too; puppies like shopping more than you. 😀 Posted by Hello SWFL on Monday, June
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Citrus Crop Disease
Citrus Crop Disease Imagine mornings without your favorite glass of OJ. Commissioner Frank Man says these two diseases are threatening
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Living Alone
Living Alone Living alone doesn't have to be scary. Audey and Jillian give tips on how you can modify your
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Economic Growth vs. Environmental Preservation
  Economic Growth vs. Environmental Preservation If we're not careful SWFL will become wall to wall concrete. How can we
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Millennials Guide to Hurricane Season
Millennials Guide to Hurricane Season OK millennials, are you prepared for the 2017 hurricane season? It’s ok if you’re not,
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Whatever Wednesday: Parking Ticket
Whatever Wednesday: Dang Blasted (PG version) Parking Ticket!! Who else hates parking in downtown? Parking Ticket Whatever Wednesday: Dang Blasted
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First Annual Fiesta Bonita Springs
The first Fiesta Bonita Springs was filled with traditional foods, music and family entertainment celebrating the Latino community in SWFL.
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What Today Is: Cinco de Mayo
You know what today is? Not for being Hispanic, you’ll know the answer! Do you know what today is? Margaritas
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Looking For The Right VPK For Your Child?
Summer’s almost here, but mom’s work never ends! For you supermoms who are taking care of 3 and 4-year-old toddlers,
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Millennials March For Science
Millennials stood with Mother Earth this Earth Day by conducting a peaceful protest for science. Organized by two local 18-year-old boys
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