Adeyinka Obisanya

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Adeyinka holds a B.A. in Mass Communications. Having worked in multiple multimedia internships before working at HelloSWFL, she has a fine-tuned skill set that encompasses most of the media world and beyond. As a digital producer, Adeyinka specializes in social media, specifically snapchat, which she uses to create original, never-before-seen content.

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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP
Lee County will be voting on a motion to grant an additional $63,825 to benefit the Low Income Home Energy
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The Ban Has Been Lifted
  Punta Gorda recently lifted the ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. The city originally banned dispensaries August 2017 out fear
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Fort Myers Shot Spotter Starts Operation October 2018
  The city of Fort Myers just approved funding for a gunfire detector. It’s called Shot Spotter and claims to be
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Road Construction Woes on State Road 82
  Road construction is  underway on State Road 82. It started October of 2017, and people in Lehigh Acres are
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Hendry County to Make School Safety Changes
Hendry County is trying to make some serious changes in their school safety. Wednesday night, February 28th, 2018, Sheriff Steve
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Four Gallon Challenge to Empathize With Women Who Carry Water Everyday
When you think of your typical college student, video games and dorm style ramen noodles usually come to mind. But,
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Golisano Children’s Hospital has Been Granted an Accreditation in Echocardiography
  Madi was born with a congenital heart defect. She represents one of 40,000 infants in the United States that
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Spring Break Preparations for Local Businesses
Ah, spring break! Beachside, toes out, surf’s up. Last year, Lee County hosted about 1.3 million visitors. A good amount
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Two Naples Schools Face Shooting Threats
Exactly seven days after the tragic Parkland shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, two high schools in Naples received a
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JetBlue Offers Free Flights
  Jet Blue Airlines is now offering free air travel. They are also working with Lyft to provide ground travel
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