Melanie English

After graduation from Syracuse University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism, Melanie took her skills straight to the screen, working on multiple A&E and SyFy productions as a multi-talented producer. As a part of HelloSWFL, she has brought her passion for food to new heights as she seeks out the best local eats, and the stories they have to offer.

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My Recent Work

Chef Ashley Pine Manor Culinary Program
  It’s never too late to turn it all around. One Pine Manor Culinary Program alumni shows us how a
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What’s Cheaper Walmart or Aldi?
  Wal-Mart or Aldi? We compared the store-brand prices of the ingredients for a chicken taco dinner to see which
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Building a Restaurant Kings Kitchen
A restaurant’s ambiance can be just as important as the food they serve. We talked to Kings Kitchen to see
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Kings Kitchen Fort Myers
What do you prefer- Asian food, Latin food, or Southern food? The two locals that are behind Kings Kitchen couldn’t
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How to Eat a Chicken Wing
Do you know the most efficient way to eat a chicken wing?
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Drive Thru Rootbeer Cape Coral
We found delicious root beer floats in Cape Coral, and we didn’t even need to get out of the car!
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The Perfect NY Slice in Naples: Baci Pizza & Ristorante
Do you feel passionate about a traditional NYC slice? We visited Naples pizzeria, Baci Pizza & Ristorante to check out
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Brazilian Street Food in Cape Coral
  A hamburger topped with bacon, ham, and CORN? We tried Brazilian street food for the first time at Tropical
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You Have to Visit Bubble Room on Captiva Island
We visited the whimsical Bubble Room on Captiva Island. Did you know they had a hidden dessert menu item?  
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Restaurant Review: Social House in Downtown Fort Myers
  Have you been to the Downtown Social House in Downtown Fort Myers? We did, check out what we thought.
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