Jillian Leslie

A Vermont native, Jillian graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Specializing in social media, she has interned with various companies focused on digital content, a skill that carries over to her work with HelloSWFL. Working as a digital producer, Jillian continues her social media work as she produces fascinating articles that are sure to wow the world.

My Work

Movie Night on the Lawn
Movie Night on the Lawn Get your fold up chairs and popcorn ready! Mercato in Naples is showing a film
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Home Depot Kids’ Workshop
The Home Depot Kids Workshop ‬ Looking to teach your boy or girl some handyman skills? On the first Saturday
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Sun Harvest
Sun Harvest Just because citrus season is over doesn’t mean our orange juice craving has stopped! Lucky for us, Sun
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Naples Restaurant Week
Naples Restaurant Week Yummmmmmm! Thanks, Chef Sean of Mediterrano for showing us how delicious Naples Restaurant Week is! Posted by
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Road to Adoption
Road to Adoption There are countless resources for adoption here in SWFL. One local mom tells her heartwarming story of
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Life on the Water
Life on the water With all the rain maybe we should consider living on a boat? Posted by Hello SWFL
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Orange Juice vs Sunny D
Orange Juice vs Sunny D We took to the streets to see if SWFL residents can tell the difference between
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Tea Time Tuesday
Tea Time Tuesday June is #NationalIcedTeaMonth! So, we made 3 teas that you have to try … well, maybe only
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Fort Myers Teacher of All Things, Stephen Damico
SummaryArticle NameFort Myers Teacher of All Things, Stephen DamicoDescriptionFor the local 4th-grade teacher, Stephen Damico, there are two things he
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Echo Farms Reaches Communities Beyond Southwest Florida
We all dream of ways to better our planet, but did you know there are actions you can take within
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