Adam Petsos

Graduating from Columbia College with a BFA in Photography, Adam has pursued careers in marketing and design before arriving in SouthWest Florida. With his extensive knowledge of audio and visual technology, Adam has made it his goal to make HelloSWFL the powerhouse of production that he knows it can become.

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My Recent Work

Hurricane Irma: The Long Wait – Part 1
  As hurricane Irma moved close, my parents fled their home to seek refuge on Florida’s east coast. I was
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Interview: Dean Murphy
  Rainy Day Sessions: Check out eight string guitarist Dean Murphy
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Total Eclipse 2017
We were able to get a camera on the Bank of America Financial Center during the Solar Eclipse. Check out
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Food and Health: Aloe Tea
  Aloe plants are known to have benefits for our skin, but there is more. Watch this to learn how
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Coming Soon: Lee County Roundabouts
  Did you know roundabouts have been around since before cars? One may be coming to a neighborhood near you.
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Frankie Colt Presents: Cobress
Check out Frankie Colt Presents: new project Cobress as they perform their original song Demons    
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How Much Do You Know About Coffee?
With all the ways to prepare coffee, and all the different types of beans and roasts, do you know what
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Fidgets Spinners Are Not Just For Kids
  What are you doing right meow? Watching this video is a purrfect answer! Who doesn’t love a cat video
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Check out the artwork at Nice Guys Pizza in Cape Coral
  Lee Bretschneider AKA BRESHNYDA, shared his artwork, story, and a pizza with us at Nice Guys Pizza in Cape
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Welcome Home Hello SWFL!
  New office, new environment, and all new surroundings. This week we moved into our permanent home.
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