Christopher Fleitas

Graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Chris has worked a number of odd jobs before arriving at HelloSWFL. A published playwright since he was 19, Chris excels at creating out-of-the-box ideas for the whole world to enjoy, and with his work as a multimedia journalist, he hopes to keep the ideas coming for years to come.

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Point Ybel Brewing Company Trivia Night
For those of you that have all the answers, we take you to Point Ybel Brewing Company for trivia night.
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Movie Review: Valerian​ and The City of a Thousand Planets
Before you blast off to the theaters to see Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets check out what
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Unsold Goodwill Donations
Have you ever wondered what happens to your donated items at Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
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Demented Youtube Kids Videos
Did you know that millions of demented videos are targeting your children on youtube. We investigated to see what can
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Adventures in Escaping Rooms
We went to Escape Room Adventures to see what these escape rooms are worth it! Let us know if you
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Meet Cool Hand Luke the Unchained Shelter Cat
  About 6.5 Million cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year and each has a story to tell. Cool
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Spiderman Homecoming Movie Review
Movie critic Chris meets his match when he encounters Comic book expert Daryl Morson in this movie review spectacular! Spider-Man
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When Beginners Own Guns
  How safe are gun ranges when beginners decide to practice their #secondamendment rights?
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MOVIE REVIEW: Despicable 3
  The Minions are back in Despicable 3, but noticeably absent is a coherent plot. Chris and Leo have their
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Baby Driver Movie Review
  Baby Driver is cruising a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes! Is it critically over-hyped or is it earned? Only Movie
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