Christopher Fleitas

Graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Chris has worked a number of odd jobs before arriving at HelloSWFL. A published playwright since he was 19, Chris excels at creating out-of-the-box ideas for the whole world to enjoy, and with his work as a multimedia journalist, he hopes to keep the ideas coming for years to come.

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Dr. Green Signs Explained
Dr. Green Relief Signs Explained By Real Doctor
Driving down any major street in Fort Myers, I’m sure you have seen a number of cheaply made plastic signs
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Asking Veterans How They Want To Be Celebrated
  I don’t care much for parades. It’s very much like watching traffic but all cars are bright, colorful, and
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Meet the Candidates
Cape Coral Mayoral Candidate interview with Joe Coviello Cape Coral Mayoral Candidate Mike Hollow
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Pickleball in Naples
Naples Is Growing With Pickleball Trend
The fastest-growing sport in America is… pickleball! Naples resident, Jim Ludwig, wanted to be a part of the growth of
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John Yarbrough Linear Park’s Unique Features
With wildlife, views of the water and a Murder Mystery Dinner Train, this local park might be perfect Fall hangout
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Masking Tape Tree
  With just a bit of wire and tape, local children created leaves for a gigantic 9-foot tall masking tape
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Super Nintendo Classic
  On September 29th, we went out to try to get the hottest holiday item of the year: The Super
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Walk Like MADD 5k
We had a chance to talk with Lauren Harkins of Walk Like MADD about her connection to the race. Join
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Rebuilding Faith
When all seemed lost for Chokoloskee Church of God, a visitor comes and changes everything.  
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Who wants to be the Mayor of Cape Coral?
  If you want a job, you go to a job interview. If you want to be Mayor of Cape
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