Christopher Fleitas

Graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Chris has worked a number of odd jobs before arriving at HelloSWFL. A published playwright since he was 19, Chris excels at creating out-of-the-box ideas for the whole world to enjoy, and with his work as a multimedia journalist, he hopes to keep the ideas coming for years to come.

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Mark Your Calendars! New Tax Holidays Have Been Approved
One of the many bills to pass in the state congress this year’s new tax bill. The new bill includes
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The Historic Love Boat Ice Cream Building is Back (for a limited time)
  The historic Love Boat Ice Cream has been for sale and disused ever since the new location opened up
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#9PMRoutine to Encourage SWFL Residents to Lock up
All across the county there has been an increase in break-ins of vehicles and homes. It isn’t that thieves have
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Lot in Downtown Fort Myers Sold for $7 million
  An empty lot next to the First Street Publix has been sold for $7 million. They plan to build
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Let Your Voice be Heard SWFL!
  Every 20 years, a special commission is formed under the supervision of the Governor of Florida to amend the
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Flu Season Update!
CDC’s latest weekly report announced the current flu season has surpassed the swine flu pandemic of 2009. Holy crap, that
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Laws in Florida Concerning the Purchase and Transfer of Firearms
Because of the shooting in Parkland on February 14th, the debate about gun control vs gun rights is going to
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The Flying Fortress: B17 Bomber
  Driving back home from the office, an unbelievable sight flew through the sky with a thundering diesel-filled roar. It
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What’s Going Up Here?
This is our ongoing series to see what’s cropping up along the roads of the rapidly developing Southwest Florida. Fort
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Hey Snowbirds, Do You Know About The Tax Bird App?
  When do you plan on calling it quits and get out of the rat race? Will it be when
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